Bathroom shower tile ideas

If you want to get your little bathroom in order, there are two things to think about – functionality and aesthetics. Often, the bathroom is the room in our home that is slightly smaller in size than other rooms such as the living room, bedroom or kitchen. If you don’t have the luxury of adding more square footage, and if you wish your bathroom was larger, you can incorporate some changes to make your small bathroom look and feel larger.

Theories about space enlargement apply to a bathroom just like they do any other room in the house. This is why it is very important to pay attention to the quick and easy but also quite cheap tricks that can help make a small bathroom look bigger.

1. Mirrors

Besides having a very clear function, mirrors will look great as an interesting decoration in almost any space. Also, if you have a smaller bathroom, the mirror will serve as a visual aid that “extends”, that is, creates the impression of greater spaciousness in the interior. Here you can give your imagination go wiled and get the mirror that best suits your bathroom style as well as your taste.

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2. Focuse on neutral colours

Because cool colours reflect light, white, pastel and neutral colours can make your small bathroom larger. The woodwork in space will literally ‘disappear’ if it is painted the same or at least a similar shade as the walls. The experience in the bathroom will be further enhanced if the bathroom elements are in the neutral colour of the walls. However, make sure that your bathroom does not look ‘pretentious’ and pale, or there’s no detail that stands out.

3. Opt for quality lighting

Smaller bathrooms undoubtedly call for extra lighting to avoid overcrowding. So do not save on lights, no matter what type of lighting, it is important that your already small bathroom doesn’t look like a claustrophobic place. Consider installing wall and ceiling lighting.

4. Provide natural light

Windows in every interior, including the bathroom, provide an amount of natural light, which is by far the easiest and cheapest way to ‘open’ a small space. If you do not have windows in your small bathroom, stay with good lighting.

5. Install shower with glass door

If it is a small bathroom, be sure to avoid foggy glass on the shower or dark curtain on the bathtub, but rather opt for a glass door. Namely, the visual effect of the glass door will make the shower a ‘live’ shot in the space, and the bathroom itself will thus look more spacious and larger.

6. Hide storage areas

It is quite understandable that in your bathroom, as small as it is, you need a place to put things away. However, it can result in a feeling of overcrowding and clutter in the space, making your already cramped bathroom look even more cramped. However, there is a solution, and it lies in ‘hiding’ the storage space.

7. Opt for minimalism

A minimalist style of decorating is always a favourite solution for small spaces, so bathrooms are no exception. Therefore, include only the essentials in your bathroom space, don’t bother with details. ‘Less is more’ is always a good thought guide if you want your small bathroom to look bigger.

8. Install a skylight

A skylight is a perfect solution for your small bathroom. We have already mentioned that the impression of spaciousness in the interior requires a lot of natural light, and the roof window is the perfect solution for this.

9. Install a ‘floating’ basin

A ‘floating’ basin is the most popular choice among interior designers because it allows you to create a sense of visual spaciousness. These pieces of furniture in the bathroom perfectly save space and enliven every bathroom, giving it a touch of modernity and compactness.

10. Ladders

Do you have old ladders at home that you plan to throw away for a while? Now you can use them for your bathroom, and here’s how. Simply place them directly on the wall above your toilet, sink, or bathtub to provide extra space for towels as well as lighting.

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